Where To Have Your Pony Party

People often ask us: “Where is the best place to have a Pony Party?” So we’ve included a few ideas for you to follow up.

We can bring our ponies to your place, and when we arrive we assess the best area for the rides. This may be your yard, driveway, the footpath, or a combination of these. It depends on a few things such as:

  • Access to the yard: Are there any steps or narrow gates? Are there structures or trees the riders will have to duck under?
  • The surface the ponies will walk on: Is it slippery? Is there any gravel or is it a grassy or paved area?
  • How big the yard is: Is there room for the ponies to walk around? We take into account the number of guests standing around, the jumping castle, play equipment, and don’t forget the clothesline!
  • It also depends on what size ponies we have bought with us, large or small. But don’t worry, we always find somewhere suitable!

Local Parks

The other option is to have the rides at a local park. A nature reserve or sports ground is out, but a general play area or open space is ideal for pony rides. You may need to ask the council for permission and each council is different in their response. They may suggest a more suitable park. Some councils near to Melbourne are starting to charge a fee for using parks for parties.

Scout Halls

Some of the best locations we do pony rides at are the under utilized scout/girl guide halls. Most towns have them, and they are a great area for parties as they have facilities such as a kitchen and toilets, as well as shady areas suitable for pony rides.

Other Places

Other places we have given pony rides are laneways, nature strips, paddocks, grandparents houses, farms, community centres, school grounds, car parks, around the court and churches.

Or, Come to Kinglake!

You could go for a drive and visit us at Kinglake for the pony rides. We have 2, 3, or 4 ponies for the children to ride, depending on their ages. Each pony is hand led and we walk through the forest. If there are a number of children, they can take it in turns riding each pony, which they love to do. If there are just a few kids, they can have a pony each. If you wish, you could head to Mason’s Falls in Kinglake National Park for a birthday picnic. It is just a 5 minutes drive from us and has lovely new facilities including picnic shelters, tables, bbq’s, toilets, etc.

Hope this helps you decide what you would like to do for your party! Please contact us if you would like to book our ponies for your special occasion.

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