Shetland Pony reveals horsey-hair-care routine

In today’s post we focus on the time and effort some girls spend when getting ready to attend a party… a pony party, that is! In our third Meet The Ponies series, we shine the spotlight on our Shetland Pony Rainbow Cassie. She shares some hints and tips on how to have naturally healthy, shiny, long hair!

From paddock to party:

Getting any Shetland Pony ready for a party involves a lot of work, as they can be quite muddy especially if it’s been raining and the ponies have been rolling in the mud! If it’s a sunny day Rainbow Cassie’s whole body will be soaped up. And yes, once we had to dry her wet hair by using the hairdrier! We sometimes plait all of her mane so that it is wavey the next day. We do this if she is going to be a unicorn at the next party.

Shetland Ponies at parties:

Name: Rainbow Cassie

When Rainbow Cassie was born, she was named “Royalview Cassie”, or just “Cassie” for short. Then when she started going to kid’s birthday parties, she would wear a bright, rainbow coloured headstall and lead rope. The kids would shout ” I want to ride the rainbow one!”, so she soon became known as Rainbow Cassie.

Breed: Shetland Pony

Rainbow Cassie is a Shetland Pony. Shetland Ponies were originally bred in the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Their short legs meant that riders could get on and off easily, to open gates, but they are strong enough to carry heavy weights. The harsh climate in Scotland meant they grew long, thick coats to keep warm. They were also used as pit ponies, hauling carts out of coal mines.

Size: 10 hands

10 hands is about one metre in height, measured at the shoulder. This means she is a good size for little kids, and when they are sitting on her back it’s not too high up from the ground.

Age: 20 years

This is equivalent to about 60 years old in human years!

Color: Skewbald

Shetland Ponies come in many different colours, and Rainbow Cassie’s colour is called Skewbald, which means she is brown and white in patches. Some people call the colour Pinto.


  1. Rainbow Cassie has a very deep voice!
  2. And blue eyes.
  3. Rainbow Cassie’s mane and tail just keep growng and growing! We have to put a plait in her forelock (the hair hanging over her face) so she can see where she is going!

Shetland Pony hairstyles:

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