Pony Parties for Grown ups

Having pony parties for grown ups is as popular as ever. It may be for a birthday celebration, a Melbourne Cup party, a marriage proposal, or a visit to the elderly in care. On each occassion, ponies add an extra bit of fun to the atmosphere of the party, as well as entertaining guests with their antics! After all, why should kids have all the fun?!

Melbourne Cup celebrations

Melbourne Cup is the time of year that grown ups have a good excuse to let down their hair and celebrate! Therefore, what could be better than having real ponies for adults to interact with? They aren’t quite racehorses, but they do add a bit of character to your photos!

Rainbow Cassie at a Melbourne Cup adults pony party. She can't resist a cocktail!
Rainbow Cassie the Shetland Pony can’t resist a cocktail!

Marriage proposals

One of our most memorable pony parties for adults was for a marriage proposal. It was to be a surprise, so just before the big moment, the back garden was decorated nicely and set up with a table containing wine and cheese. The pony was majestically waiting under a tree with the engagement ring. All preparations had to be done in secret, so hiding the horse float in the next street was an important part of the planning. The person in question arrived and was pleasantly surprised to find a pony in the backyard! And just in case you are wondering… she said “yes”!

A different story involving a groom-to-be didn’t end quite as well. He had planned to rock up on a horse, to the bar where the celebrations were happening. What an impression he would make! All his friends would be waiting for him and he was anticipating a grand entrance. We brought along our biggest pony, and the groom hopped on and we led the pony down Bridge St Richmond to the bar. We crossed at the traffic lights and delivered the groom to his destination right on time. Unfortunately none of his friends were quite so punctual, so didn’t get to see his grand entrance. Dejectedly he got off the pony. I offered to wait around a bit longer, until his friends arrived. “No it’s ok, you go” he said sadly. I’m still not sure what happened to his friends.

Aged Care Homes

There are many opportunities for the aged living in care to enjoy the ponies visiting them. Often our hearts are touched when an elderly resident fondly reminisces about times past when working horses were an important part of their life.

Billybong at an aged care facility.
Billybong connecting with an elderly resident at an aged care facility.

Pony Parties for grown ups birthday celebrations

Over the years we have done a few pony parties for adults turning 30. Not sure why it is usually 30 year olds, but the conversation goes something like this: ” I’m turning 30 and I love horses. But I feel like I have missed out on my childhood dream of owning a pony. I wondered… can you bring a pony to my backyard so my friends and I can just pat it?” There is nothing that lifts your spirits like having a couple of cute ponies in your backyard to brush and feed!

Ponies for grown ups work and Christmas parties

Having pony parties for adults work and Christmas celebrations can be a hoot! So work out a theme, and the ponies can oblidge by dressing up and adding to the atmosphere. One of our party ponies Matilda, has even taken part in a video clip done on a rooftop carpark for Melbourne band, The Rumours!

Wombat the miniature pony at a pony party for adults.
Wombat the miniature pony checking out what’s in the bottle.

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