Meet the Ponies

Rainbow Cassie | Neddy | Banjo | Matilda | Cutie Pie | Billabong | Wombat | Sienna | Ruby

You can see more photos of the ponies in the Pony Parties Gallery.

Rainbow Cassie is about 11 years old. She’s a pinto Shetland and only about 10 hands tall. She’s a bit like a Barbie pony with her long mane and forelock. She has fun when she’s being brushed and ribbons are being put in her hair!

Neddy is a 14 year old taffy Australian Pony. He’s one of our biggest party ponies at 12.2 hands, and used to go to pony club where he was very good at jumping. He gives rides to the bigger kids.

Banjo is a big pony like Neddy – about 12.2 hands tall. He is the boss of all the ponies. If he’s in a cheeky mood he picks up his feed bucket by the handle and tips it all out.

Matilda is about 17 years old. She’s a pinto Shetland like Cassie, and about the same height. She’s very cute and cheeky, and has a big brown spot right on her bottom with her tail growing out of the middle!

Cutie Pie is a white Palouse pony with black spots. She’s our oldest party pony. She’s very gentle and quiet – she even goes to sleep when you brush her! She’s good for giving rides to little kids.

Billabong (Billy) is a Shetland pony with a lot of experience at pony club. He’s a bit shy and sometimes hides behind his fringe.

Wombat is our Miniature Pony – he’s so tiny! He’s only a bit over 8 hands and is very mischievous. If someone has pulled the plug out of the horse trough or tipped over a bucket, it was probably him! He doesn’t do rides, but sometimes comes along for fun.

Sienna is a 16.2 hand Standardbred horse. She isn’t a party pony, but she hangs around in the paddock with her pony party friends and looks after them. She’s 10 years old.

Ruby is our Staffy dog. She’s two years old and at 3.2 hands is a bit small to ride but she comes along to every party and LOVES tummy rubs. Come and give her a pat!

The Past Party Ponies Hall of Fame

Chum was our 20 year-old black Australian Pony. She was about 12.2 hands. She did a lot of pony club when she was younger, and still liked to be shown what to do. She was very patient and obedient, but she didn’t like flies!

Peanuts was our cheeky little white Shetland Pony. A lot of kids grew up learning to ride on his sturdy little back. He died last year after a long and happy life. Here’s a poem we wrote for him.