Kids Party Bags-How it’s possible to ditch the plastic (& sugar) and not be a party pooper!

Unicorn Party Bag

At last! A party that could actually take place, after all the lockdowns of 2020/2021. We had booked a unicorn (pony) party with Janet from Melbourne’s Pony Parties. Real live unicorns and pony craft fun were coming to our local park 🙂 

Party Bags for 4yo’s

The thought of having to make kids party bags on top of everything else that needed organising for the day was not appealing. I hadn’t bothered for previous birthdays, but it seemed more important and the ‘done thing’ once we entered the world of 4 year old parties. I also had never fully appreciated the genius that is a party bag until it had become the only thing that spared us a meltdown when my son needed to leave a friend’s party.

What a fabulous parting gift to sweeten the sadness, bribe a child in the direction of the car and to say thank you for that child’s presence (and present!).

Get Creative!

I don’t get a lot of time to be creative these days, so I actually enjoyed planning and putting together the bags more than I thought I would.

I wanted the kids party bags to be as planet and person-friendly as possible, and not too pricey! My goals were to minimise the use of plastic, be unicorn/rainbow themed, be practical, fun and yummy – without too much of a sugar high/crash for the kids that would ultimately backfire on parents.

A glimpse of a wild unicorn!
A glimpse of a wild unicorn!

Unicorn Party Bag Specifics

If you don’t have the time or inclination to make material party bags, Kmart and The Reject Shop have a fun selection of paper party bags in a unicorn/rainbow theme. I aimed for 4 items because it was a 4 year old’s party. I decorated the bags with a sticker and wrote the child’s name on the bag, putting them in alphabetical order in a box for a speedier retrieval when people left the party.


I filled a unicorn-decorated reuseable snaplock bag with a dried fruit and skittles trail mix (aka pony and unicorn poo, according to my son!).

I also added a unicorn/rainbow themed stationary item from Kmart, although my original plan was to include a bag of rainbow flower seeds (ie. pansies etc).


I added a stick of unicorn horn chalk to each bag (Kmart brand or Crayola). 


Finally, I added a sugar-free lollipop.

There are lots more great ideas on the internet for DIY/eco-friendly/sugar-free party bags, such as multicoloured rainbow pencils, homemade baked goods, reusable straws and enviro-friendly glitter.

Happy creating and enjoy having ponies (unicorns!) at your party 🙂

Clare Watkins

Have fun creating party bags!

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