Growing up with ponies (part 1)

Sometimes when I’m getting our ponies ready for a party, I remember the first time I brushed a horse. It was my friend’s horse and I was about thirteen years old. We’d spent half the afternoon running around the paddock trying to catch it.

Times like that gave me an understanding that living and working with horses isn’t only about riding them. And we each have our experiences that have shaped our love of horses. I decided to ask some friends of Melbourne’s Pony Parties about their own memories of friendly steeds growing up.

Carolyn G. wrote:

“Orpheus was my cheeky pony—I have many memories of him. He would love to play chasey in the paddock. I remember hiding behind trees and his delight when he would find me. He would push me so hard with his head I would nearly fall over. I think he just wanted me to go and hide again.”

Daniel C. wrote:

“We grew up with horses in the family and they taught us so many valuable things as kids. The importance of patience and calmness, reading body language cues and the privilege of gaining their trust. You always come away learning something from being around horses. You create fun and happy memories along the way too!”

If you have a story about growing up with ponies or horses, we’d love to hear it. Please share in the comments below.

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