6 Tips for Hosting Your Own Pony Party

In our previous article we looked at the most suitable places to have your pony party. Now that you have a place organised, we can think about what else we need to do for the party to be a success.

1) Decide on a date

Does your party need to be on a specific day, or can you be flexible with dates and times? The weekends are obviously a good time to have a party because friends, partners and extended family are usually available. But if it is going to be kinder/day care friends that are invited, think about having a midweek party, or maybe during the schoool holidays.

2) Set a budget

Most pony parties include lots of rides, but the cost depends on how long you want the ponies to be there. And this depends on your budget, so decide if you want just the basics, or if you would like additional horsey activities to extend the party time. To get a rough idea of different costs, see our Rates page.

3) Choose your guest list

Talk with your son or daughter and get an idea of what they expect. You may need to point out that “more” isn’t always “merrier”! Some of the best parties we’ve seen are small in number, that is, less than 10 guests. As the saying goes “their age plus one” is how many invitations should go out! But, if it is going to be the whole class, you may want to organise some extra party activities in addition to the ponies.

4) Plan additional activities

As well as the pony rides, consider extending the party time with extra activities.

What about:

  • Allowing time for the kids to feed the ponies and brush them
  • Additional time before the party starts so the birthday girl/boy can help prepare the ponies for the party or have some rides before the guests arrive
  • Running horseshoe craft activities
  • Learning how to care for ponies in a special educational session
  • Some horsey party games

For ideas about themes, games, horsey movies and decorations, see our Tips & Ideas page.

5) Make a booking

Contact a pony rides provider that you determine is professional and experienced. Ask:

  • Are they available on your specified date?
  • What are the costs, and what is included? For example, does it include all travelling expenses, how many staff will come with the ponies, and how long will the ponies be at the party?
  • Discuss any extra time or activities you may like

A booking is usually secured by paying a deposit. If you’d like to book with us, see our Bookings & Enquiries form.

6) Send Out Invitations

Now that’s done, let’s think about invitations! Will you simply email your guests and their parents? Or will you go with a more traditional method that your special birthday boy/girl can help you with?

If you’d like some free invitation templates to print off, you can download them from our Invitations page.

Phew! Now you can sit back with a cuppa and feel pleased with yourself! Party food can wait for another time!

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