5 Things You’ll Love About A Unicorn Pony Party

Having a unicorn theme for your party? What about having a Unicorn Pony Party with real unicorns?

Many years ago, Bethany called us with a special request. Her daughter Olivia had become obsessed with unicorns through reading fairytales. However, this wasn’t just a passing fad as Olivia had been talking about unicorns, reading about unicorns, drawing unicorns, and playing unicorns for the past 2 years!

Now with her birthday coming up, Bethany wondered if we could dress the ponies as unicorns, and bring them to her party… and would it possible for them to have unicorn horns?

So, we began a mission to make beautiful unicorn horns, starting at the local craft shop. We chose bright, colourful materials and added plenty of bling! The ponies then really did look like little unicorns! So off we went to the party and, of course, Olivia and her friends were completely smitten! As a result, lots of photos were taken to capture memories; something to look back on in the years to come.

Nowadays, unicorn themes for pony parties have become our most popular request, and our unicorns come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colours!

Included in your Unicorn Pony Party Package:

Our gentle unicorn, Rainbow Cassie.
Rainbow Cassie, one of our most in-demand unicorns!

1. Real unicorns

We can bring two real unicorns to your party! Rainbow Cassie is our beautiful, gentle unicorn. You can have a photo with her, and give her some carrots to munch on. She loves being brushed and pampered. Additionally, we will bring along a second unicorn for giving rides.

Banjo is our biggest unicorn. He's great for giving rides to older kids.
Banjo is our biggest Unicorn. He’s great for giving rides to older kids.

2. Making unicorn slippers

A fun, crafty activity for your Unicorn Pony Party is horseshoe unicorn slipper decorating. We can bring along authentic unicorn slippers for everyone, so you can have fun with glitter, glue, jewels and other bits and pieces. But best of all, you can take it home and hang on your door!

3. Fly away bubbles!

Create unlimited bubbles with our colourful bubble wands!

4. Unicorn pony party bling

Our Unicorn Pony Parties also include a session where you can create your very own unicorn charm bracelet to keep! We bring all the materials you’ll need, including beads, elastic to thread them on, and a unicorn charm to finish it off.

5. What do unicorns do for fun?

There are plenty of fun options for unicorn-themed parties. How about playing some unicorn party games, with unicorn prizes?

Games to include:

  • Find the horn for the Unicorn
  • Unicorn races
  • Magic steps
  • Unicorn ring toss
  • Unicorn treasure hunt

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Our unicorn team ready for some fun!
Our unicorn team is ready for some fun!

Other ideas for Unicorn Pony Parties:

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